When I watched the original explainer clips for the Queering the Museum site interface, I noticed that they moved quite quickly and that there was no soundtrack to accompany the visuals. Having watched many a product explainer clip, I knew the combination of vocal instruction reinforced by viewing the action described to be more potent, more ‘sticky’ if you will, than either component alone.

When I conveyed my thoughts about the FAQs to the team, I also volunteered to perform the needed voice-overs myself, sensing that there wasn’t much appetite to tackle it in-house. This was completely understandable; most people hate the sound of their own voice when they listen to it on a recording and neither Nikki Sullivan nor Kristy Kokegei had the time to do it. I don’t by any means love the sound of my recorded voice; however, I did have the time and willingness.

Having been given the go-ahead, I worked up short scripts and recorded them in the HTSA media room with the help of my new friend Mikey.

Mikey! My partner for recording the FAQ voice-overs.
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