The graphics and captions below were created for sharing via social media to promote Queering the Museum. Dr Nikki Sullivan and I collaborated to determine content for the posts and a schedule based upon significant dates in the weeks leading up to the site’s official launch. The dates for historical events, days of observance, holidays, etc. were sourced via online databases, the United Nations website, Australian government websites and online calendars.

To assist in selecting which days to post for best response, I used data from SproutSocial, a leading social media marketing firm. Using their heat maps for best engagement days and times, I recommended a posting schedule that we followed fairly closely in the weeks before launch. The only real deviations resulted from the occasional cross-post on multiple platforms when the schedule called for only one platform on a given day.

Unless otherwise noted, all images ©History Trust of South Australia.
All clips and gifs except those for 4 and 9 October created by Peter Bushell.

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