Instagram | 5 November

Leather cap and spurs



It’s the first Tuesday in November which means the nation will stop today for a horse race. In the spirit of #QueeringTheMuseum, we note there are arguably better ways to satisfy that urge for spurs, whipping and a bit of leather:

  • Call a friend – or friends, if that’s your thing.
  • Get enthusiastic consent.
  • Set limits and keep checking in.
  • Have a safe word.
  • Stay hydrated!

The spurs pictured above belonged to explorer John McDouall Stuart who is best known for his attempts to cross Australia from south to north through the continent’s centre, taking a route that was used for the Australian Overland Telegraph Line. The #leather motorcycle cap from the National Motor Museum had nothing to do with Stuart, but it does coordinate beautifully with the spur leathers.


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